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scuba diving

Scuba Diving

Diving in Andaman waters offer a fascinating world of under-water marine life, varieties of colourful fishes, rarest of the coral reefs in the world, mysterious remains of sunken ships.

One can enjoy the under-water marine life and view the rarest varieties of corals in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, North Bay Island, Elephant Beach.

Snorkeling in Andaman Islands


Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel, and usually swimfins. In cooler waters, a wetsuit may also be worn.

Sea Walking

Sea Walking

You can take a walk on Andaman's wilder and wetter side. At 15-25ft under sea level, the pace can only be leisurely, hopping down from india's only sea-walker station, Whether you're eight or eighty.

it's the easiest way to get a fisheye view of life under the sea. No swimming classes or scuba-diving certificate necessary. We look forward to your visit to the Andaman Islands, and to experience the most unique activities in India at the Andaman Islands.

glass bottom boat

Glass Bottom Boating

Uncover the beauty of the underwater kingdom lying beneath the Andaman Sea, without getting your toes wet. We provide a luxurious window into the mesmerizing world of corals and marine life of Port Blair, from within the comfort & safety of our international quality speedboat.

Trip begins after you arrive to journey of Andaman Island.

Note: This activities can avail in North Bay & Shaheed Dweep.

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Island Trekking

One of the best trekking destinations in India. Amongst the varied trekking trails and destinations that Andaman offers, the Baratang Islands is of utmost importance. It is known for its limestone caves that are simply eye-catching and can be reached only by crossing a thick mangrove forest.

Trekking in Andaman translates to exploring the different aspects of the islands that are filled with natural beauty and unsurpassed experiences.

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Game Fishing

Game Fishing We provide the best experience of game fishing in Andaman Islands in the untouched reefs. For being long inaccessible and untouched, this Island group is the last frontier for true big game sports fishing.

These tropical islands of rainforest, mangroves and deep drop offs, makes an ideal location for any form of saltwater angling. We have a good setup of the world’s renowned brand of fishing rods and reels from Shimano.

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Jet Ski

If you are looking for a cool and refreshing way to enjoy your vacation in the Andaman then just hop on a Jet Ski and zoom around the on the calm waters of the Andaman Islands. Jet Ski in Andaman Island is among the most popular sports. This is one sport, which does not require you, to be trained and is as much fun.

Speed is synonymous to thrill and some people want speed wherever they go. Andaman Island display speed sport with Jet Skiing, where you might take a watercraft and leap over waves and have fun.

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Kayaking Andaman

Andaman Island is a great destination for Kayaking, and this specific program is an awesome experience for travellers. Well, if you have never experienced Kayaking then your trip to the Andaman should be just perfect to try this out here.

Now, this tour takes place at Havelock Island. The initial training begins near Havelock Island Jetty where you are made familiarized with how to use a kayak. Post your training and familiarization we begin our journey on a kayak to explore the rich diversity of the Mangroves at Havelock Island.

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Coral Safari

Get a sea-diver’s view of the magnificent reef as you inch through the coral lagoons at the comfort of your seat and air-conditioned luxury! Andaman is a beautiful destination, and with the first and only semi-submarine experience in India, our tourism services are truly one of a kind!

Our semi-submarine rides are for the entire family from infants to senior citizens, and is totally friendly for the disabled.



TSG BELLA Bay is a luxury dinner cruise created for guests to enjoy delectable food, breath-taking views of the islands and most importantly, to lay back and relax. We cruise around the Harbour area and pass through various places of interest such as Viper Island, Dundas point, Haddo, Chattam, Bambooflat, Mount Harriet, North Bay, Ross Island and Marina Water sports complex. She departs from the Junglighat Jetty every evening.

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Semi Submarine Dinner Cruise.

Dinner Cruise is a unique vessel that offers you an incredible dinner cruising experience. This vessel has it-all an open deck, an in-house bar and restaurant and an underwater glass bottom area. The open deck gives you a panoramic vide of the lovely islands.