Diglipur Island

Diglipur (sometimes spelled Diglipore) is the largest town of North Andaman Island, in the Andaman Archipelago, India. It is located on the southern side of Aerial Bay, at 43 metres (141 feet) above sea level, 298 kilometres (185 miles) north of Port Blair. It is crossed by the Kalpong River, the only river of the Andaman islands. Saddle Peak, the highest point in the archipelago,[1] lies about 10 km to the south. Diglipur is also a county (tehsil) of the North and Middle Andaman District of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands union territory. Its area is 884 km2, and its population was 42,877 people as of 2001.

Some famous place in Diglipur Island
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Saddle Peak

Saddle Peak or Saddle Hill is located on North Andaman Island. At 832 m, it is the highest point of the North Andaman. It is surrounded by Saddle Peak National Park. It is located near Diglipur, a town in North Andaman Island. This park has various species of flora and fauna and gives trekking experience to the visitors who can climb the natural steps created by roots of the old tree.

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Ross & Smith Island

Ross and Smith Islands are two beautiful islands in Diglipur are surrounded by clear waters and white sand beaches. At a distance of 20 km from Diglipur, Smith & Ross Islands are the twin islands situated. The abode of palm-fringed beaches, long shores, emerald ocean, and natural wonders. Ross & Smith is actually a two islands. Ross & Smith joined together by a sand bar to make a single group of islands. What makes these islands truly beautiful and sets them apart from the rest of the islands is that these two islands are joined by a natural, sand bar. Water is crystal clear and gem green in color. Sun bathing in Ross & Smith Islands is a wonderful experience. During high tide, the sand bar disappears leaving a trail of water between the two islands and during low tide the sand bar appears again making the islands look majestic! There is a Marine Sanctuary on the island which makes it an ideal place for spotting beautiful coral reefs and colorful species from the underwater. The beach is surrounded by tropical forests and is a preferred place for trekking and trail hiking by many tourists.

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Kalpong River

Kalpong River is a river in the North Andaman islands in The Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It originates from the Saddle Peak. The Kalpong River traverses in the northward direction for a length of about 35 kilometres before it joins the Aerial Bay Creek on the east coast near Diglipur. Kalpong Hydroelectric project having capacity of 5.25 MW, the first hydro electric project in North Andaman is commissioned on the river. The project is expected to generate 14.83 million units of electricity annually. To use natural resources for power generation. Kalpong River, which is said to be the only large river in the islands.