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Port Blair Islands

Port Blair on South Andaman Island is the capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Its seafront Cellular Jail, completed in 1906, hints at its past as a British penal colony and is now a memorial to Indian independence activists. Inland, the Samudrika Marine Museum showcases local marine life. The Anthropological Museum focuses on the islands indigenous tribes.

Some famous places of Port Blair.

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The cellular jail also known as kala paani (Black Water) was a colonial prison in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. The prison was used by the British government for the purpose of exiling political prisoners to the remote archipelago. Many notable independence activists, including Diwan Singh Kalepani, Fazl-e-Haq Khairabadi, Yogendra Shukla, Batukeshwar Dutt, Shadan Chandra Chatterjee, Sohan Singh, Hare Krishna Konar, Shiv Verma, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Sudhanshu Dasgupta were imprisoned here during the struggle for India's independence. Today, the complex serves as a national memorial monument. At the evening time in Cellular Jail Light & Sound show happing. In that show all things explain itself how prisoner are struggling in that Jail how British government torture them so much.

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Anthropological Museum

The Zonal Anthropological Museum in Port Blair was established in 1975. It is one of the best museums in town to visit. It is a well maintained museum which tells us more about this island’s local tribes. These tribes are also believed to be one of the oldest in the world. The islands have six main tribes native to this place, Onges, Sentinelese, Jarawas, Andamanese, Shompens and Nicobarese. These tribes maintain limited contact with the world, and not a lot is known about them. On a regular day one isn’t permitted to enter the tribal areas, but need to take special permission for the same. This museum is thus one of the ways to understand and know about the tribal life here.
Timings of Anthropological Museum In Port Blair: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm (Monday closed)

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Corbyn Cove Beach

The Corbyn's Cove beach is just 6 kilometers from the City center, and a prominent sightseeing place in Andaman. With pleasant blue sea water and lush green coconut palms, the beach allows visitors to relax alongside and enjoy several water sports available on the shore of the beach. Some of the water activities that one can undertake and enjoy over a visit to Corbyn's Cove Beach include scuba diving, surfing, and boating. Further, the beach is also a perfect location for taking pleasure of sunbathing, swimming and surfing. This coconut palm fringed beach is surrounded with a hotel and small offering refreshments and food. From here, tourists can also visit the Snake Island, which claims to have a lot of deadly snakes. The snake island is also known for colorful corals, mesmerizing fishes and rock faces. One can take a motorboat to land at this island.


Boat Scuba Diving, Speed Boat ride, Parasailing, Jet skiing, surfing and many more adventurous water sports are available on Corbyn's Cove Beach. Do take a tour of the beach to see the bunkers that were built by the Japanese army.

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Samudrika Museum

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is a museum situated near the Andaman Teal House at Port Blair in India, designed to create awareness on various aspects of the oceanic environment. The museum is run by the Indian Navy. The museum has five sections presenting history of Andaman Islands, geographical information, people of Andaman, archaeology, and marine life. It also houses a vast collection of cells, corals and a few species of colorful fishes of the sea around the islands. Located in Haddo, to the northern end of Port Blair city, lies Samudrika Naval Marine Museum. It is about 2kms from the city center and is easily accessible via cabs, auto-rikshaws and 2-wheelers (available for day rentals).
Samudrika Naval Marine Museum Andaman Timings:-9am–1pm, 2–5pm (Monday closed).

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Wandoor Beach

The beach located from main city 20 to 30 KM approx for reaching wandoor beach it take around 1 to 1⅟₂ hours from main city. Wandoor beach one of famous attracted point of tourist places. The Wandoor beach is boasts the largest shoreline in Port Blair, easily stretching up to 15 KMs, which is filled by clean white beach, complimented with fallen tropical trees after the 2004 tsunami, and has clear blue waters that invites you to take a dip. Overall, the calm and beautiful scenes of Wandoor beach are worth a visit for a soothing experience with the cave trek adding just the right amount of adrenaline.
Things to Do near Wandoor Beach:- Jolly Buoy Island & Red Skin Island.

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Chidiya tapu Beach

This beach is Famous for sunset views and for bird watching, Chidiya Tapu is a part of the Andaman archipelago. It is also known as the Sunset Point and Bird Island. A variety of endemic and endangered species of birds inhabit this area. Chidiya Tapu in Andaman is a hotspot for biodiversity and conservation due to a rich fauna. Animals such as barking deer, spotted deer, wild pigs, and crocodiles can be spotted here on forest trails. Located on the western coastline of Andaman, it is a popular spot to watch the sunset in Port Blair among locals and tourists alike. This eco-park, at the southernmost tip of the South Andaman Island, is situated at a distance of 28 km from Port Blair, the capital of the archipelago.

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Ross & North bay Island

North Bay and Ross Island is a full-day tour by boat from Port Blair. Ross Island – officially known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island – is a beautiful place to visit when in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It's just 3km from central Port Blair, and if you're done with the beaches and would like to learn a little about the history – it's a lovely place to be traversed for hours. North Bay, the so called Coral Island is famous for two things. One- the beautiful underwater corals and two- the Lighthouse which is also inscribed on our Twenty rupees note. This place is ideal for all sorts of water activities like Scuba dive, snorkeling and sea walk.

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Neil Island

Neil Island is best known for its unparalleled biodiversity and unexplored span of dense tropical forests and greenery complemented by white sand beaches and rich coral reefs. Currently known as the Shaheed Dweep, this is a small island that spans over an area of 13.7 Sq. KM. only, most of which is covered with forest. Neil Island is definitely a beautiful place to visit. However, the time you spend depends on what you want to do there. Ideally a day trip is enough to explore the attractions of Neil Island. But if you want to enjoy the beauty and solitude of the place, then we recommend staying one night at Neil. Not only for the people who are scared of getting into water, but for everyone. Water is so clear that you can easily watch the beautiful world of fishes and corals just like that. It's the best beach at Neil.

Some famous places of Neil Island
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Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach is renowned for its exotic coral reef and vibrant aquatic life. To explore the underwater world, you should indulge in the must try activities of Andaman like glass bottom boat rides, snorkeling and scuba diving which will add more fun and excitement to your time on this beach. Although the beach is open 24/7 due to the lack of any gates, the allotted opening time is 8 AM and closing time is 5 PM. It should definitely be on your list of places to visit if you are planning to enjoy water sports in Neil Island. In terms of the landscape and sightseeing, the beach is decent and worth visiting.

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Laxmanpur Beach I

At a distance of 2 km from Neil Jetty and 39 km from Port Blair, Laxmanpur Beach is situated at Laxmanpur Village of Neil Island in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. This is one of the best beach in Neil Island and also one of the top attractions you must include in tour. The water here is crystal clear, and deep blue, which adds to the beauty of the beach. But the water currents and waves here are moderately high, making it unsafe for swimming and water sports if you are a beginner. Most of the time, you won’t see anyone going into the sea for a swim. One of the most spectacular things about the beach is its shape. The beach is triangular in shape, which can be made out from the aerial view and offers a wide view of the complete horizon when you stand at the tip. The sand covering its wide-area is both deep and free of any shells or dead corals for most parts, which makes walking on it a heavenly feeling for your legs. You might wanna keep your slippers aside for this one.

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Laxmanpur Beach II (Natural Bridge)

Naturally built coral bridge at Neil Island in Andaman is really a magnificent tourist spot. Walked for a few minutes on sand and then have to walk carefully on the rocks. Neil’s famous attraction is a natural bridge formation locally known as the Howrah Bridge. To see this natural “wonder” one has to visit the rocky beach No. 2 at low tide when it is possible to walk on its dead corals and rocks to reach the attraction. For some, the sea creatures seen here could also be interesting. You can find small fish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, starfish, and on some parts you can even see colorful corals are slowly growing again. The rocky surface can get slippery at some parts and many are sharp so one must take care while walking. In the late afternoons, the place can get crowded with tourists as it is the last stop before heading to the sunset point. Check the tide timings before you plan a trip here.

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Sitapur Beach

Sitapur Beach is one of the quietest and serene beaches in Neill Island (Shaheed Dweep). Located 5 KM on the southern tip of Neil, this beach is surrounded by greenery from 3 sides which opens into a wonderful view of the open sea on the other. The Sitapur Beach is famous because of its silvery sandy beach that meets the turquoise waters of the sea and form a miraculous painting against the backdrop of the rising sun against the clear, blue sky. Palm trees and tropical jungle dots the shorelines of the beach, where you can sit back and relax for a while, before moving on with the tour. One of the most popular things about Sitapur Beach is its sunrise. In fact, it is named the Sunrise Beach officially by the administration. It's not surprising that this beach offers one of the best views of the sunrise in the Andaman Islands.

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Havelock Island

Swaraj Dweep Island, officially known as Havelock Island, is one of the largest islands in Ritchie's Archipelago, to the east of Great Andaman within the Andaman Islands. It belongs to the South Andaman administrative district. The island is 41 km (25 mi) northeast of the capital city, Port Blair. It’s known for its dive sites and beaches, like Elephant Beach, with its coral reefs. Crescent-shaped Radhanagar Beach is a popular spot for watching the sunset. On the island’s east side, rocky sections mark long, tree-lined Vijaynagar Beach. The island's forested interior is home to birdlife such as white-headed mynas and woodpeckers. Largest island of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Havelock Island is known for its pristine beaches, coral reefs and great scuba diving experience and has the distinction of being the most visited island in Andaman's

Some famous places of Havelock Island
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Elephanta Beach

Elephant Beach is one of the most popular destinations in Havelock Island, due to its serenity, clear water, and water sports. The beach is located 8.6 KMs from the jetty and is considered the water sports haven of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In ancient times, elephants were used to bring people to the beach due to the lack of transport facilities. This is why it got the name “Elephant Beach”. It has a rich and colorful underwater coral reef. From the month of November to February is the best time to explore the Elephant Beach to savor adventure water sport activities. You can view the Elephants on the Elephants beach bathing and sprinkling water with their trunk on you.

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Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. It attracts huge tourism due to its awe striking beauty and is also titled as the 7th most beautiful beach in the world. Radhanagar beach is a treat to watch during sunrise and sunset. Is one of the most popular beaches on Havelock and was named "Best Beach in Asia" by Time in 2004. Radhanagar beach also bagged the prestigious blue flag certification in 2020. A Blue Flag beach is an eco-tourism model endeavoring to provide the tourists or beachgoers clean and hygienic bathing water, facilities, safe and healthy environment.

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Kalaphathar Beach

Being located on the one tip of Havelock Island, Kalapathar Beach is named after a Black Road (Kalapathar in Hindi) which runs parallel to the seashore. The beach is small but the way to the beach is very good. Kala pathar is a wonderful beach , the sea color is really mesmerizing turquoise light blue. Small clean beach. Basically this beach has black stone inside the sea shore , which give the name kalapathar beach.