Ferry Services in Andaman


Makruzz/ Makruzz Gold/ Makruzz Pearl/ Coastel Cruise

This is a high-speed Catamaran Passenger Ferry. Catamaran is a twin hull vessel and the advantage is that it offers high speed, better stability and more space. The vessel has 2 decks with passenger capacity of 280. It presents three classes for its guests 208 seats in Premium, 64 seats in Deluxe and 8 seats in Royal. For the comfort of the passengers, the vessel is fully air-conditioned by approx. 30 Ton rating system. It can attain a maximum speed of 32 nautical miles, but will be cruised at approximately 22 - 24 nautical miles and is expected to cover the distance between Port Blair and Havelock Island in about 90 minutes.

Green Ocean Cruise

Green Ocean 1/ Green Ocean 2

GreenOcean cruise is the first and the only all weather deep-sea vessel to operate between port Blair and Havelock to provide unparalleled experience. With consciously designed space on board ship to facilitate unrestricted movement for the guest to enjoy the scenic beauty of the islands as it unfolds towards their voyage to Havelock island.On our ship you never will be confined to comfort of seat but can be free to move and catch some air. We are proud to offer unparalleled service, safe, eco-friendly, unforgettable experiences for our guests while on vacation onboard green Ocean cruise.

Sealink Cruise

Sealink Cruise

Sea Link Cruise presents outstanding amenities and features for the comfort of the travellers. Amenities such as a remarkable Sealink Cafe-d-Kiosk facility, various entertainment options, and luxurious interiors.

Expert and trained crew members are competent in taking care of all your needs with efficiency. They prioritise the welfare and contentment of the travellers for the most delightful journey. Choose for a smooth sailing experience amongst the turquoise water of Andaman!

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ITT Majestic

I T T Majestic a high speed passenger craft. The aim of I T T Majestic is to offer quality passenger services together with luxury and comfort. The craft is 33 Mtrs length having 200 seats of different categories. The craft is spread over a single deck I is fully air-conditioned and comfortable seats.

There is a huge transparent glass window running the entire length of the craft which will enable passengers to enjoy panoramic view of the Sea. Passenger beside the window will be thrilled to see the enormous rolling waves. The vessel is capable for attaining the maximum speed of 33 nautical miles per hour.

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Nautika Cruise

Shimmering blue waters, mirror-like sand, nostalgic huts and forest adventures are what makes Andaman a dream destination. The awe struck beaches in these pristine Islands are just magical for the travellers.Experience picturesque Islands with the Andamans youngest cruise liner.

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